Kabuki Finish the Dread Idol of Cthulhu

October 7, 2014 by dracs

Kabuki have done it, their madness has reached its peak as they present the finished and painted Idol of Cthulhu!

Idol of Cthulhu

I think Kabuki have done a great job with this. It isn't quite what I would imagine of the idol from the Call of Cthulhu story, as Kabuki seem to have made Cthulhu himself look a bit more humanoid in appearance. Still, it retains the monstrous deity's strong sense of disturbing menace and the level of detail and effective paint shading has me excited to see the idols of the other mythos deities Kabuki have been working on.

What are your thoughts on Kabuki's idol now you see it in all its glory?

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