Modiphius Take Us Back to the Beginning in Mutant: Year Zero!

September 10, 2014 by dracs

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Before Mutant Chronicles, the role playing game Mutant: Year Zero dominated the Swedish gaming scene. Taking on the role of a mutant, one of The People, you and your friends had to survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. Now Modiphius are returning us to that world once again as they and Free League Publishing join forces to launch the pre-order for the 30th Anniversary edition of Mutant: Year Zero!

Mutant Year Zero

In this game, you and your fellow mutants each take on powerful and unpredictable mutant powers, using them and your skills as a survivor in order to get through the harsh environment and twisting power struggles of the world you live in.

Mutant: Year Zero takes place primarily in two areas. The first is The Ark. This is your home, a colony of survivors that your actions will develop. Whether you choose to focus on food production, culture, technology, warfare, all effect how The Ark will develop and whether it will become the basis for a new society.

Mutant Ark

In order to do this, you will have to wander out into The Zone. This is the blasted wasteland that has overtaken most of the world, filled with vicious creatures and hazards, but also with the food and resources you desperately need.

Mutant Year Zero Starter Bundle

Modiphius currently have some pre-order bundles to help you get started. These include the various cards you need to get your games going, as well as specialised D6s to help your game flow more smoothly.

Mutant Year Zero Cards

Mutant Year Zero Dice

This game, which later spawned Mutant Chronicles, is the perfect game for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Fallout series. Using dynamic and easy methods of story and character development, it should prove easy to help create a story that really feels as though you are shaping it. The official release of Mutant: Year Zero is set for December 6th, which just happens to be my birthday as well, so if anyone fancies getting me a copy I won't protest.

It has already seen its Swedish release this year, where it met with critical success. Modiphius have been going from strength to strength with their games at present and this one looks particularly interesting. It stands out from other post-apocalypse games with its cool artistic style, and Modiphius appear to have captured a lot of the original style while updating it sufficiently to give players a new gaming experience.

Did you ever play Mutant? Will this RPG be making its way into your gaming nights?

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