Paranoid Miniatures’ Mythos Shop & Pre-Orders Open To All

June 7, 2017 by brennon

Today at 8pm BST you will be able to access the Paranoid Miniatures webstore and begin pre-ordering a number of the different warbands for their game, Mythos! All pledges have been shipped from their Kickstarter campaign and so they can now offer up some to the general public.

Wildborn - Group Shot

Mythos Shop Link

This pre-order campaign will last for two weeks, at which point there will be another five weeks where you will have to wait for the orders to arrive at your doors. However, you will then be able to snap up the fancy models and give the game a go.

Priory - Group Shot

Order - Group Shot

The different warbands are shown off here, looking superb. From top to bottom we've seen the Wildborn, Priory and the Order but you can also snap up the Hidden Ones...

Hidden Ones - Group Shot

...and the Custos Crypta which take an eerier look at the world these fellows have created.

Custos Crypta - Group Shot

This pre-order campaign will start to build up funds and allow them to start to bring more miniatures to the tabletop for you to play with. So, the real question is which of the different factions you're going to be picking up?

If you're on the fence you can pick up a series of Downloads for the different factions to get you invested.

Let us know what you're going to pick up in the comments below!

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