Olleys Army Releases the Tiny Tanks of Their Steampunk Scrunts

April 25, 2014 by dracs

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Olleys Army's Scrunts are pretty capable of coming up with some deadly tech when the need arises, as showcased by the three awesome Scrunt Steampunk tanks that Olleys has released.

Scrunt Steampunk Tanks

Each of these tiny tanks sports a pretty creative design, although I would think that they appear more to be mobile weapons platforms then genuine tanks.

Still, you can't fault the models themselves, with each of the three different types having a unique appearance and tons of character.

Scrunt Steampunk Tank Type 1

Scrunt Steampunk Tank Type 2

Scrunt Steampunk Tank Type 3

I'm currently trying to think of ways to fit these in to a game of Empire of the Dead. Maybe a diminutive Gentleman's latest steampunk contraption.

What games do you think these would be suited  for?

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