Scotland Yard Hit The Steampunk Streets For Demented’s Twisted

November 29, 2019 by brennon

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Available in both resin and metal, the Scotland Yard Clockwork Constabulary have been added into the mix by the folks at Demented Games for Twisted, their Steampunk world.


This is a fantastic new set for those who like their clockwork oddities and want to really build on that Victoriana on the tabletop. The set breaks down into a series of miniatures which are also available separately including Inspector Abberline leading the way.


He is striding around with an air of authority about him, taking notes and names on all those involved in the case. He is then supported by the wobbling form of Sergeant Clark...


This fellow is certainly the enforcer of the team. He is going to be rolling in, shield at the ready to knock miscreants away before unloading his revolver into those who don't listen to his commands. I love the big bulbous look of the model and I think he would look fantastic coloured in both bronze and deep blue.

Sergeant Clark is then supported by a band of Wheeled Bobby Constables who are also up for making sure that the peace is kept!


I love the fellows with the truncheons and there is a nice little bit of story building here too with the fellow wielding the handcuffs as a hand! You could imagine how annoying it would be to be clasped to this robot fellow as he drags you through the streets.

Could you be tempted by these ace looking new Steampunk models from the folks at Demented Games?

"I love the fellows with the truncheons and there is a nice little bit of story building here too..."

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