Studio Miniatures Prepare for a Zombie Outbreak on Kickstarter

September 2, 2014 by dracs

Studio Miniatures recently announced that they will soon be causing a zombie outbreak across Kickstarter, which will be ushering in the apocalypse later this month.

Z-Clipz Outbreak

This Kickstarter will be appearing on the 14th September and Studio Miniatures aim to create eight new miniatures with the funds; four survivors and four zombies, as well as any stretch goals they might happen to meet on the way.

Leading up to the campaign itself, Studio Miniatures have begun publishing previews of the new survivors who will be facing the armies of the walking dead.

Z-Clipz Leader

Z-Clipz The Kid

Z-Clipz The Lovers - Her

Z-Clipz The Lovers - Him

The trick to a good zombie story is interesting characters and the way those characters interact with one another. So far, these survivor models look like they'd be perfectly suited for a game setting where the dead have risen and the world has gone mad.

Studio Miniatures have succeeded in establishing a good level of individuality for each of these designs, but it's the zombies I'm really looking forward to seeing.

Do you think you'll help make this zombie apocalypse happen?

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