Thanos The Mad Titan Calmly Approaches Marvel: Crisis Protocol

October 25, 2019 by brennon

Thanos is going to be dropping into the world of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, hopefully, next year. Check out the painted model by Brendan Roy that was shown off this week over on Facebook.

Thanos - Atomic Mass Games

This model is looking particularly spectacular, striding forward to beat down his opponents and show them who is truly in charge. You can see above that the model comes with just a normal raised fist and a snarl on his face but you look to be able to change that up for a smirk and the Infinity Gauntlet held high, ready to warp reality and cause maximum amounts of pain and anguish.

Thanos With Gauntlet & Throne - Atomic Mass Games

...and yes, this big ol' Thanos model comes with the massive throne terrain piece which looks ripe to be smashed up by a very angry party of Avengers. There's no note on the release date yet but I would assume we're going to see this early next year.

Also, Atomic Mass Games confirmed that Thanos is going to be entirely usable in standard play although I reckon his cost is going to be pretty high! Regardless of that though I am totally on board for playing out the final clash with Thanos from Endgame. Maybe we'll even see Atomic Mass looking to the MCU and creating a version of Captain America with Mjolnir in hand?

Dallas Kemp actually showed off the scale of Thanos against Captain America during one of the Atomic Mass painting streams.

Thanos Scale Comparison - Atomic Mass Games

So yeah, he is pretty big! As I've mentioned before I love the idea of the regular game but I am all for coming up with some cool cooperative scenarios and such where a band of heroes (and maybe villains) has to take on a big bad. I also like the idea of tinkering around with some 'mook' rules and seeing about throwing in some cannon fodder for your team to beat up. In this case, it would be the Chitauri of for example with Ultron, a band of his shattered drones.

Maybe we'll see Atomic Mass do something like this in the future but in the meantime, you've got a damn fine looking Thanos who is ready to crush everyone in his way.

What do you make of this new model?

" the meantime, you've got a damn fine looking Thanos who is ready to crush everyone in his way"

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