Wear Kabuki’s Cult Token to Show Your Allegiance to Cthulhu

October 5, 2014 by dracs

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While the Idol of Cthulhu is Kabuki's main aim they have also got a couple of extras planned for those who chip in on the Lovecraft Nightmares Kickstarter, including a Cult Token you can wear to show your allegiance to the Great Old Ones.

Cult Token

Worn on a leather thong, these tokens are intricately detailed with the horrific imagery of Cthulhu and the gate of drowned R'lyeh to the cold stars above.

Such an accessory, as well as being rather cool, is perfect as an atmospheric prop in LARPs and RPGs, as well as just being a useful piece of jewelry to identify yourself to your fellow cultists.

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Supported by (Turn Off)