Witness the Rise of the Grim City of Crime in Gotham!

May 6, 2014 by dracs

With the success of Arrow, and the Flash and Constantine speeding to the screen, DC has one more show that will soon be appearing. Explore the origins of the darkest city of them all, in Gotham!


Gotham takes us back to the early days of the city's story, the time before Batman and the super-villains came to characterise its struggle between law and crime.

Gotham the Origin

The series will focus upon a young Jim Gordon, newly arrived in Gotham and trying to get to grips with the city's mean streets.


In many ways this show promises to be an origin story, but this time viewed from a perspective that we haven't seen before. The death of the Wayne's looks to be a driving focus of the show, but as well as the origin of Batman we are seeing the origin of his relationship with Gordon, and how the city itself came to be.

Of course, it wouldn't be Gotham if a few of the big name villains didn't turn up and apparently we could end up seeing just how it was the Dark Knight's greatest adversaries came about, with the Penguin and the Riddler being just two of those mentioned in the trailer.



This trailer has me really excited for this show. It offers a new perspective on the Batman story, and should help to establish the city itself as a character.

However, I am a little worried that it might not have the staying power. The growth of Bruce Wayne into Batman is a central point, but I'm not sure how long they'd be able to keep that going, while the origins of the villains are being relied upon to really grab our interest. Whether or not that will be able to carry the show is yet to be seen.

Fancy taking a trip down to Gotham?

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