Develop Your Puppets War Taurus Into A Gun Platform

November 21, 2013 by brennon

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The Taurus from Puppets War came out last week and they have already begun work on transforming it into something new. With a few added weapons you can now turn it into an Exterminator.

Taurus Exterminator (Front)

Taurus Exterminator (Rear)

As you can see they have left space for you to attach some heavy duty weaponry to the vehicle including machine guns, gatling guns and flamers. It suddenly makes the APC more of a prickly customer.

Gun Components

The weapons are nicely suited to the vehicle and work well with the chunky aesthetic of the vehicle as a whole. It also gives you a fair few different options making it nice and flexible when it comes to setting it up for your faction of choice.

Will you be ramping up production on these?

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