Don Your Puppets War Ripper Suits & Get Crushin’

October 18, 2013 by brennon

Puppets War have more technology to show you and it comes in the form of the Ripper Suit Unit. Probably as a bit of an answer to the Space Marine Centurions they are looking pretty snazzy indeed...

Ripper Suits #1

Ripper Suit Magnets

Ripper Suits #2

These suits are looking pretty good indeed although I already know that a lot of you are going to take issue with those very, very odd loincloths of steel that hang between their legs. I guess they could be articulated so they wouldn't get in the way too much.

I do love the look of those hands with the guns built into them. It reminds me of the Bionic Commando set up from the video games. Of course these also come with those neat magnet holes for ease of building!

What do you think?

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