Fearsome Doom Rippers Tear Out Of Puppets War

February 5, 2016 by dracs

It looks like it's time for us all to face our doom as Puppets War let loose a new unit of power armour clad melee maniacs known as the Doom Rippers!

Doom Rippers With Claws

The Doom Rippers look chaotic in every meaning of the word. Their power armour is pitted, hung with chains and shows exposed flesh, while their claws or gauntlets will allow them to deal out punishing melee attacks.

Doom Rippers With Gauntlets

Puppets War have released these units in two variations, meaning you can take them with their vicious claws, or with their gauntlets. Either way, they look perfect as an additional elite unit of mad murderers for your ravening horde. I just wish Puppets War would show us some painted pictures for a change.

Would you dare stand against a unit like these?

"The Doom Rippers look chaotic in every meaning of the word..."

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