Find A Defensive Wall With Puppets War’s New Terrain

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Puppets War have already presented us with some neat looking Fences for the battlefield but they're now upgrading the cover to heavy with some Stone Walls. Make sure you're hunkering down behind these instead!

Stone Walls

Stone Wall Parts

Not bad and they come with some fairly solid sections as well as the more rubble-strewn ones too. You could easily pick a few packs of these and then make a part of a village or town that was heavy ransacked and then another than was left more or less intact. It would provide a nice dynamic and tell a bit of a story on the tabletop.

The walls look generic enough to fit into pretty much any period of history and indeed the near-future you could think of so get inventive!

Will you pick these up?

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