Guns Galore & Soldier Head Previews From Puppets War

July 16, 2013 by brennon

If you need more armaments for your gun emplacements or walkers then Puppets War have some awesome Automatic Cannons and Laser Cannons for you.

Double Automatic Cannons

Laser Cannons

As you can see they look easy to mount and you can see the magnet placement slot on the Automatic Cannons at the top. It's an easy way to make your models go further and magnets are pretty cheap if you root around on eBay.

Soldier Head Preview

Puppets War have also previewed these Soldier Heads above. They look like a perfect fit for modern warfare style gaming and if you painted up those face masks with skulls on them then you'd have a perfect Ghost from Call of Duty.

I actually think it would be pretty cool to see a sculptor make a range of heads for the whole Call of Duty: Modern Warfare team.

Are these bitz going to be in your collection?

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