Pack Up Military Hardware In Puppets War Containers

January 17, 2014 by brennon

Puppets War, while not entirely happy with the product, have released this Container for use on the tabletop as terrain or combined with your Dragonfly at a later date.


Container Open

Container On Dragonfly

It's quite a cool looking piece of kit that will eventually form part of the Dragonfly, but as it stands I think it would be great when used with a skirmish game like Infinity.

The fact that it opens out into a small indoor area means you can dash in and start ambushing foes from a variety of fire points. You can even change it up as you play and leave some doors open or closed to change those fire lanes.

Might also be great when combined with the Dragonfly for some games of Deadzone!

What do you think?

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