Peer into the Cockpit of Puppets War’s Newly Named Orc Walker

December 9, 2014 by dracs

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Puppets War have finally chosen a name for their upcoming awesome orc mek and have given us a better look inside the cobbled-together contraption to celebrate. Meet Kevin the Walking Jaw!

Kevin the Walking Jaw

Seeing inside a vehicle can be almost more interesting than the vehicle itself as inside we can often find little dioramas of the pilots and crew. In this case we see two orc pilots having a bit of a row. No doubt over whose turn it is to use the shooty thing mounted where the other eye would be.

Kevin the Walking Jaw will be seeing its release some time in mid-January, and hopefully we will be able to see how the finished model looks once fully painted soon after. It's certainly a different orc walker, but is undeniably orcish and should serve well as an army's centre piece.

Do you like the name Kevin for this new mek?

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