Prepare The Puppets War Troopers For War

October 4, 2013 by brennon

Puppets War are preparing their troops for the battlefield and training up a new squad. See what you think of the Troopers Unit leveling their rifles at the enemy...

Troopers Unit

Troopers #1

Troopers #2

As you can see the majority of them are armed with rifles although the leader has access to a pistol as well. These guys can fit in with plenty of near future games and they would also work in the far future of sci-fi too.

These guys look very easy to put together as well with those swivel ball joints allowing you to pose them in a few different ways too. They have been designed to fit in with 28mm heroic scale gaming and stand at 33mm tall at the highest. Worth checking out for some simple soldiers.

A good squad for you?

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