Puppets War Go Flying With Steampunk Wings

October 25, 2013 by brennon

Puppets War have released a little bit of fan service with these epic looking Steampunk Wings! It's time to go and do a little bit of flying I think!

Steampunk Wings

Steampunk Wings with Magnet Hole

Example Model

It looks like it fits in well with their existing Strikers but it could be a good fit for a variety of other models too. It's a shame that they look a little bit custom made for their other models (I don't blame them though!) as it would be fun to see if you could get these to work on other figures.

I do rather like the look of them as wings though. I like the irregular 'feathers' and the way the pack is set up. It reminds me a bit of Falcon from the new Captain America trailer we saw yesterday.

What do you think?

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