Puppets War Learn the Way of the Samurai

July 3, 2012 by brennon

Puppets War have some more alternate heads on the way, this time with an Oriental flavour to them. Check out the near finished Samurai Heads below and then go grab your katana...

Puppets War Samurai Heads

While they could be made useful in a historical setting the design has a more Sci-Fi feeling about them to me. So if you're looking to make Samurai Space Marines these could be the heads for you.

In terms of other uses I was thinking about using them with Tau Fire Warriors. The army has a bit of a Samurai feel to it as it is, and these could be for an alternate sect of Tau warriors fighting under the command of a more martial leader. Maybe even Farsight could be involved?

What do you make of these alternates?

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