Puppets War Get Ready to Fly with New Pilot Heads

July 23, 2012 by brennon

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Puppets War have had these coming for a while now, but you can finally get your hands on the suave looking Pilot Heads for your Sci-Fi aero-naughts.

Pilot Heads #1

Pilot Heads #2

Some good looking heads for your human or indeed alien pilots. One of the obvious uses would be for some Eldar jetbike riders perhaps but that's not to say they wouldn't look good on a whole host of humanoid warriors of the far future.

Personally it would be interesting if they fitted onto the bodies of Corporation marines from Warpath. I like the idea of a fringe force for the Corporation, maybe from a planet where the atmosphere was toxic, hence the rebreathers.

What will you dream up with these heads?

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