Puppets War Send in A Highly Trained Strike Team

April 19, 2015 by dracs

Puppets War have released a Strike Force of scifi human soldiers who are ready to clear anyone in their path with their massive widow makers.

Strike Force

These heavily armoured scifi soldiers come equipped incredibly large shotguns called widow makers. This fire power, combined with the durability provided by their body armour, means these guys will probably be extremely effective when it comes to clearing structures. One shot from one of those looks like it would be enough to take out an entire room.

As Puppets War usually do, the Strike Force's widow makers have also been released separately.

Double Grip Widow Makers

Firing one of these looks like it might take your shoulder off, so it is best if these get equipped only by your bulkiest space troopers.

This Strike Force makes for a very elite and specialised unit. However it is not very versatile and I think you would need to add in a few other weapons to give you some extra options.

Do you plan on calling in Puppets War's Strike Force?

"This Strike Force makes for a very elite and specialised unit."

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