Puppets War Show Off Variants Of Their Pegasus Vehicle

October 28, 2014 by brennon

Puppets War have some rather cool looking chunky vehicles in the works that are variants on their Pegasus. See what you think of these troop transports that would be more than welcome in a war zone I reckon...

Pegasus Variants #1

Pegasus Variants #2

I love the massive blocky nature of the trucks. I think these have a cool mixture of the military and the civilian about them and would be great for battlefield terrain as well as use as parts of your actual army. It would be neat to see these mixed into games like Warpath (if we ever see it take off!), Deadzone, and even maybe a game like Infinity. I could see these popping up on some Ariadna planet.

Maybe this would be what delivers your Yellow Jackets from MERCS onto the battlefield?

What do you think?

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