Puppets War Summon Up An Earthen Stone Golem

January 15, 2014 by brennon

Puppets War previewed this creation not long ago and we were quite taken by it. Now their Stone Golem is out for sale, the rocks and earth summoned together to protect some natural wonder in the wilderness.

Stone Golem (Front)

Stone Golem (Rear)

An awesome creation that would be awesome within a mass of nature based armies. I could see this being a perfect model for a Kings of War elemental force. It could either be an entire regiment in it's own right or one of the bigger creatures.

I love the way it looks like it's been cobbled together and the runic swirls all over it just add to the eldritch effect. I would love to see one of these painted up in greens and browns with some slate covered plates and swirls of light blue.

A great model!

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