Puppets War Swoop In With Creepy Winged Fiends!

August 4, 2014 by brennon

Puppets War have completed their creepy winged fiends and they will now be swooping onto your tabletop! Do you think you'll go with the Harpyes or the Gargoyles?



Essentially the change is down to the heads you choose and it does make quite the difference actually. The Harpyes (top) look like they would fit into a neat demonic army of whatever persuasion took your fancy. The Gargoyles on the other hand are more for your Vampire Count and Undead forces and it would be awesome to try and do some kind of transition painting with them.

Paint half of the miniature as if they are still stone and the other half coming to life and changing to flesh! I think that would be brilliant, hard, but brilliant!

What do you think?

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