Puppets War Send a Telegraph About Their Latest Terrain

March 29, 2015 by dracs

Puppets War have released two new sets of Telegraph Poles to help keep your miniature board fully connected and in communication.

Telegraph Poles

Telegraph Poles are one of those things that you don't ever think about, despite them being pretty ubiquitous in modern day civilisation. Their addition to the tabletop is a small detail that will nonetheless help to give things a bit more realism.

As well as the standard Telegraph Poles, Puppets War have released a set of double ones to help break up the layout.

Double Telegraph Poles

These terrain pieces each come in sets of ten, providing you with enough to scatter throughout a small village.

I am not certain how common Telegraph Poles were during WWII, but nowadays you pretty much can't avoid them. This means that Puppets War's sets will help you to create a pretty good modern day board, along with the various other pieces of scenery you would find in such a setting.

Can you think of any game mechanics that could be implemented with the addition of Telegraph Poles?

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