Puppets War Set Up A Turret To Defend Their Position

September 16, 2015 by dracs

Puppets War have been busy making sure there is plenty of protection for the battlefields of the future with the appearance of a new automated gun turret and the release of more armoured shoulder pads for their termos.

Unman the Guns!

Puppets War once again showed off the latest model to appear on their modelling bench, an automated gun turret equipped with legs to scuttle into position.


Puppets War are doing a particularly good job at coming up with imaginative gear for their scifi armies. I particularly like the idea of a large, automated gun turret with limited mobility, as it is something I could definitely imagine humanity making in the future. However, I look at it and I do wonder if it has the same AI as the Portal turrets.

Portal Turrets

Protect the Shoulders of the Airstrike Cav!

If you want to stand up to that kind of fire power, then you will need to make sure your shoulders are well protected. Fortunately, Puppets War have just released a new set of Airstrike Cavalry shoulder pads for their Termos.

Airstrike Cavalry Pads

These shoulder pads carry the air cav insignia, helping to tie these elite scifi troopers in with the rest of an army of such airborne assault specialists. Though, I still can't see how they'd be able to see around with large shoulder pads blocking the field of view.

Would you employ this gun turret? Do you think the shoulder pads would look cool on your minis?

"I do wonder if it has the same AI as the Portal turrets..."

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