Puppets War’s Hard Foam Terrain Starts With Some Trench Warfare

January 18, 2015 by dracs

Puppets War's long awaited trench terrain sets are now available, letting you creating twisting stretches of defensive earthworks that will span across your tabletop.

Hard Foam Trenches

Hard Foam Trenches Corner Sections

Hard Foam Trenches Inner Wall

Hard Foam Trenches Section

Hard Foam Trenches Scale

Puppets War have released a variety of trench sections that make these terrain pieces easily customisable for whatever shapes you want to have them.

The interesting thing about these terrain pieces is that they are made from hard foam, the first time Puppets War have used this material. Hard foam allows for highly detailed and robust models, and I think that these are a promising start. It will be cool to see what else Puppets War are planning.

Would you use these terrain pieces for your tabletops?

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