Puppets War’s Ogre Eliminators Ready Boomsticks Online

December 19, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have released their first set of Steam Ogres, the gun toting automatons known as Eliminators.



We have been seeing a lot of these Steam Ogres lately, but this is the first time we have had an up close look at them in all their fine, steampunk detail. These things are beautiful. In general outline they are very much like Games Workshop's ogres, but their exposed pipes, gears and joints tell a different story. It's great to see them finally getting released and I would love to see how some people choose to paint them.

Along with the Steam Ogre Eliminators, Puppets War have also released their boomstick fire arms, so you can pick up the weapons separately.

Ogre Boomsticks

These guns show a lot of unique style in their designs. They put me in mind of some of the specialised hand guns you could pick up in Fable 2 and 3.

Do you like the steampunk style of Puppets War's Eliminators?

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