Puppets War’s New Radar Spots Their Hornet Jetfighter

October 24, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have got two new releases to tempt us with, both of which will help you to gain control of the skies.

Starting off, Puppets War have a new flyer swooping in for Mankind. The Hornet Jetfighter.

Hornet Jetfighter

Hornet Jetfighter Back

This Hornet is a very compact flyer, its streamlined design showing the speed it will be capable of. Its jet engine shape is very pulp-inspired and I could imagine it turning up in settings such as Dust Tactics.

Of course, to spot one of these coming at you you will need a good radar. Luckily, Puppets War have come out with just the thing.

Radar Station

Radar Station

This radar dish comes on a bunker base to create a good terrain piece to help keep an eye on the skies. It would be easy to think up some rules for radar in games. They'd be especially good in siege based games, giving the defender a bonus at targeting flyers with their turrets.

What do you think of the Hornet? What sort of rules do you think you would give Puppets War's Radar Station?

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