Send Your Orcs Up, Up and Away On Puppets War’s Jump Engines

May 8, 2016 by dracs

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You've gotta love orcs, always looking at a way to get to the enemy faster or die trying. Now they may have a way to do both, born aloft by Puppets War's new Orc Jump Engines.

Orc Jump Engines

Jump Engines

These Jump Engines are orc tech at its finest. They are large, bulky and cobbled together, yet somehow still work. They look as though Puppets War just took some missiles and jet engines and then strapped them to the back of the nearest orc.

Much as I love orc tech though, and while it can usually get away with a few more leaps of logic than might be usual, I do think that these packs are almost too bulky.

They don't look like they are actually attached to the orc, instead sticking up from their back in a frankly ludicrous manner. If they fire that up, there is a fair chance the jump engine will leave the orc behind. Which does sound just as cool, from an orcish stand point.

Do you like Puppets War's latest orc technology, or is it a bit too far fetched?

"These Jump Engines are orc tech at its finest..."

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