Go Slicing & Dicing With Puppets War Hellclaws

November 15, 2013 by brennon

Puppets War are making your soldiers of the future look a little bit like Wolverine with their new Hellclaw pack. See what you think of these deadly weapons of war below...


Hellclaw Magnets

Striker with Hellclaws

They look pretty epic but something is pretty strange about the guard that goes over the top of the hand. For some reason it doesn't look right and I think I would have liked them without that addition. The pair that doesn't have the guard looks a lot more epic.

From underneath however the hands look great and I could see you using them as alternative claws for foot troops in a Chaos army or indeed those winged terrors, the Warp Talons.

They also have those neat magnet holes!

Will you pick these up?

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