Steel Skull Previews from Puppets War!

August 31, 2012 by brennon

Puppets War have found a crazy colony of Sci-Fi survivors who really seem to enjoy riveting Steel Skulls to their faces. Check out the dangerous looking individuals below...

Steel Skull WIP #1

Steel Skull WIP #2

Steel Skull WIP #3

This is a fantastic set of heads that will be brilliant when they are released. I love the mix of metal and flesh combined with the mass of different expressions on their faces. It's as if Iron Man took his name a little too literally.

Steel Skull WIP #4

Steel Skull WIP #5

The real question then is what army do you prepare for their release? I think it would be interesting to see these on a horde of Chaos Marines giving them a distinctly deadly feeling. A whole Legion like this would be fantastic.

What are your plans for their release?

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