Train Puppets War’s Side Mounted Weapons On The Enemy

January 31, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for some added firepower when it comes to your vehicles then how about these from Puppets War. Check out the Side Mounted Heavy Weapons below for flaming, melting and blowing things to pieces...

Side Mounted Vehicle Weapons

They look pretty meaty and that's certainly something you want from your heavy weapons. A particular favourite (even though it might not be too great on the battlefield) is the big set of Heavy Flamers for roasting your enemies alive.

Don't worry. I play Chaos Space Marines, I'm allowed to be brutal!

Bitz like these are always useful and I bet they will find a home on a fair few tanks in the future. You could even use them in conjunction with terrain to make huge turrets.

What do you think?

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