Puppets War’s Truck Makes A Military Shipment

March 28, 2017 by dracs

Recently, Puppets War released some large shipping container terrain pieces. They are following this up with something to ship them on as they have just shown off a heavy duty truck.

Military Trucks

Both of these trucks are variants of the Pegasus Tactical Vehicle, which is already available to buy.

Pegasus Variant 1

Pegasus Variant 2

The two attachable trailers do look new though, and their appearance makes for some nice gaming possibilities.

Quite aside from just being a nice terrain set piece, I could well imagine a convoy scenario revolving around this. Either you could raid the trucks to get at whatever it's carrying, or try desperately to escape from a deadly ambush with the goods.

What game possibilities can you think of for these?

"Raid the trucks...or try to escape from a deadly ambush."

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