It Should Be VTOL Lift Off In 2014 For Puppets War

January 1, 2014 by brennon

Puppets War are constantly laying on new surprises for us and the latest is a preview of what is coming vehicle wise for 2014. We've had some glimpses of kits like it in the past from them but this concept for a VTOL arrived yesterday.

VTOL Concept Art

It looks a bit boxy at the moment but I'm sure it's going to be quite the good looking vehicle when it hits later on. VTOL flyers are undoubtedly cool and there are probably a few Imperial Guard players who have already come up with some ideas for it.

You could even use this, dependent on the scale and final look, for something like Warpath or indeed as part of a mission for a game like Deadzone. I could see some 'X-Com' style run and gun action to the VTOL waiting on a nearby landing platform.

Looking forward to it?

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