Wear Your Mighty Barbaric Puppets War Sci-Fi Armour

April 26, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for some truly evil looking armour to clad your soldiers in then check out the Barbarian Armour from Puppets War. Will you be getting some for your bloodthirsty warriors?

Barbarian Armour

Fully Equipped Barbarian Soldiers

The armour is cracked and battered, covered in odd runes and leering faces too. I can see plenty of uses for this kit across the board when it comes to Chaotic troopers of the damned.

Magnet Placement Examples

And if you're into the whole magnetisation thing then as with most of the new Puppets War components you can see they have holes for them pre-drilled. My buddy who is magnetising pretty much everything these days will be happy!

Some good suits of armour?

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