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Purgatory Miniatures Shares The Full Line Up For The Gangbangers


Purgatory Miniatures is showing off the full line up for their Gangbanger faction. There's a very unusual collection of characters in this group, which not only keeps the type of models new and interesting, but provides a rich story line for this world of Purgatory.

Purgatory Miniatures Show Off The Stunning Art On Character Cards


Purgatory Miniatures offers a real feel for each character in the stunning, full color art cards that come with each mini. This week they've given us a look at the very serious guy, Hannibal.

Purgatory Miniatures Shows Off The Greens For Bobby B & Hannibal


Purgatory Miniatures has given a look at the greens for two of their upcoming sculpts for Purgatory. Bobby B will be a limited edition, event only model for the Soul Train and Hannibal will be joining ranks with Murder Inc.

Concepts For Two New Purgatory Gangbangers Are Ready To Fight


Purgatory Miniatures is showing off 2 new faces for the Gangbangers, a sexy cop with a ray gun and a Russian that uses the symbols of his country as his weapons! These 2 are the perfect example of the rich and creative storyline they are creating by breaking down your expectations of people and character that you think you may know.

New Sculptor Joins The Purgatory Project & Erishkigal Is The Next Mini


Full steam ahead for Purgatory Miniatures as they have announced a new sculptor has joined the ranks! Gauthier Giroud has partnered with Purgatory to create their nest mini, the very lovely, Erishkigal.

Purgatory Introduces The Newest Member Of St. Peter’s Gangbangers


This week Purgatory Miniatures has given a look at the first lady from St. Peter's Gangbangers faction in Purgatory. This motley crew rules with fear and force, and this next character brings both devastating beauty and weapons to the fight.

Purgatory Shows Off The Full Line Up For The Refugees Of Religion


Purgatory Miniatures has offered a look at the full line up for the Refugees of Religion. It won't be long until Salute is here, and the fellas at Purgatory will be there to share their vision of the game with the fans.

The Very Funky Keysha Rolls Into The Soul Train For Purgatory


The Soul Train of Purgatory is making its rockin' presence known with the first miniature for the group, Keysha. This sexy gal looks ready to rock and can be won through the current painting competition of St. Peter.

Purgatory Previews The Art Direction For Their Refugees Of Religion


With the many groups in Purgatory approaching the chaos with different motivation, the Refugees of Religion have emerged. The Pastor, The Gargoyles and a nun wearing riot gear, named Faith, have banded together in attempt to provide safety and a way for humanity to make their way back to their God.

Purgatory Miniatures Rock Out With New Keysha Model


Purgatory Miniatures have teamed up with Kaha sculptor Facange Didier to create some of their range of models

Purgatory’s St Peter Now Available For Pre-Order


Purgatory Miniatures have finished St Peter for their collection of angels and assorted divine beings with a twist. You can now also pre-order this winged bouncer in resin...

Exploring The World Of Purgatory – Where Did It All Begin?


Purgatory Miniatures got in contact to tell us all about their new game concept which turns the idea of angels and demons on its head. Find out more on how the project came to be and their aims for the future...

Meet Purgatory’s St Peter At The Pearly Gates


Purgatory Miniatures have shown off another of their upcoming models for their strange and very original take on the war between Heaven and Hell. Welcome to the Gates Of Heaven where St Peter will be judging if you are worthy...

Purgatory Miniatures Have A Meeting With Death


Purgatory Miniatures have been working on a new game world and miniatures range starting off with the horrifying looking Death. What better way to start building a dark world of religious warfare than with a reaper...

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