Purgatory Previews The Art Direction For Their Refugees Of Religion

December 28, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

With darkness, there must be light. The Refugees of Religion of Purgatory refuse to lose hope that man will find their way back to their God. This bunch could have no greater leader than Mother T, a creative play on religious strength.

Purgatory logoHer heart is plenty strong for the cause and for those who need a more visible display, she may raise her arms to accomplish more than prayer!

Purgatory Mother T

The Refugees are still a part of the chaos in Purgatory, but as they are called upon to act when evil and darkness make themselves known, they are the thread that holds the fundamental concept of humanity together. The unlikely soldier, Faith, is the perfect example of this.

Purgatory Faith

Faith is a sister of silence. She saw her convent burned to the ground in the chaos and upheaval of Purgatory. While fleeing the destruction, she came upon a fallen police woman, who drew her last breath as Faith stood over her. It was at that moment that Faith realized she had a greater role in the chaos.

She removed the fallen officer's riot gear, placed them on, and readied herself for the larger battle to come- after all, in the current state of things, Faith may need more than prayers to see their numbers grow and sustain.

Purgatory Pastor

Faith will be in good, and perhaps peculiar company in Purgatory, with allies like The Pastor (who we know little about to date) and The Gargoyles (minions) to aid in the cause.

Purgatory gargoyles

I must confess that to this point, I find myself drawn to the Refugees of Religion.  I want to hold on to the idea that good will always find a way, and those individuals need only show others. I think I have found my driving force for Purgatory.

What do you think of these interesting Refugees of Religion?

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