Easy Add Detail Available With Sci-Fi resin Doors On Kickstarter

April 4, 2015 by stvitusdancern

R Squared Studios has a clever little Kickstarter going on right now to add the look of doors for exits or corridors to your games. This project is called Trash Bash Bits: Sci-Fi Doors and offers several varieties of resin pseudo doors to change up the look of your terrain.

trash bash bits

What is really great about this, is that it literally allows you to use anything you might have handy as terrain- boxes, bricks, etc. Add a few doors, hit it with some paint and you can transform your game with fantastic terrain at little expense.

TBB heavy door

It's quite a sturdy piece and could form a very tough bulkhead for your soldiers to try and blast through.

Will you be changing the look of your terrain with some Sci-Fi doors?

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