The Eternal Sisters Burn Raging Heroes’ Unbelievers

March 3, 2014 by brennon

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Raging Heroes have another update showing off some of their models from the previous campaign but they are also looking ahead to what's in the future. First up we have a look at one of the Eternal Sisters...

Sisters of Eternal Mercy

Considering that the Sisters of Battle are still effectively getting left by the wayside by Games Workshop and we are still in desperate need of more religiously zealot female soldiers these could well be another high flyer for Raging Heroes.

I'm a big fan of flames, skulls and robes so these women have my vote.

Senshyha Slave Master

On the other side of things the slavers are rattling the chains of those they have captured. Above is another piece of concept art for Senshyrha of the Dark Elves which will of course be coming to Kickstarter soon as well.

We've seen some interesting work on them in the past and I think keeping them in style with current Dark Elf armies is the way forward design wise. Plus, they are looking awesome.

Will you be pledging when it comes to launch?

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