More Greek Gods Descend On Raging Heroes’ Patreon This April

April 9, 2021 by brennon

Raging Heroes is delving back into the world of Greek Gods & Heroes this April as part of their 3D Printing Heroes Infinite Patreon. This time around, the team has descended down into the underworld to meet the cunning Hades.

Greek Gods & Heroes Of Olympus II - Raging Heroes

Greek Gods & Heroes Of Olympus II // Raging Heroes

It seems like the backers of Patreon and beyond really liked what was on offer as part of their 3D Printing collection last month. In addition to that, there are many, many facets to the Greek Pantheon which are worth exploring and it looks like Raging Heroes is delivering deeper and deeper into it. The lead figure of this month's releases is the fiendish and rather hot Hades!

Hades - Raging Heroes

Hades // Raging Heroes

I can see why most people would like to just stay down in the underworld with a hunk like that wandering around. I always preferred the look of Hades as this grim and dour individual who felt shunned by his brothers. I am coming around to the idea of this design though. You could see him as a selfish and fiendish (yet beautiful) trickster who is looking to keep people down in his dark domain.

Keeping with the theme of the underworld, we also have Morpheus here. As the god of sleep and dreams, he seems an apt addition to this collection.

Morpheus - Raging Heroes

Morpheus // Raging Heroes

I absolutely love the style of the wings here which put me more in mind of a moth or butterfly. Also, the sand drifting through his fingers and piling around him is a nice touch. Enter Sandman and take me away to a land of dreams and nightmares!

In addition to Morpheus and Hades, we've also got a couple more Gods from the wider Greek Pantheon. There is the cunning huntress Artemis!

Artemis On Moon Stag - Raging Heroes

Artemis On Moon Stag // Raging Heroes

She comes mounted atop her Moon Stag and can be given a couple of different weapons. If you're up for going full hedonist then you can also take a ride in Dionysus' Chariot!

Dionysus On Chariot - Raging Heroes

Dionysus On Chariot // Raging Heroes

Enjoying a cup of wine and the "friendship" of his courtiers, Dionysus is very much interested in keeping the pleasurable experiences flowing, even when in the midst of battle. Again, a fantastic looking larger sculpt from the folks at Raging Heroes which really pops.

Troops & Monsters In The Service Of Gods

As well as the Gods themselves, you can also pick up some new units to print off at home too. There are more "core" troops here which could be used to make themed forces based around the various Gods.

Hoplites Ap - Raging Heroes

Hoplites // Raging Heroes

Skeletons Ap - Raging Heroes

Skeletons // Raging Heroes

Skeleton Cavalry Ap - Raging Heroes

Skeleton Cavalry // Raging Heroes

I really like the more ancient look of the skeletons that we're seeing this month. The armour and weapons make them look like they have been taken from some forgotten kingdom and brought back to life to fight for Hades on the battlefield.

You've also got some monstrous fiends that you can play around with this month. Leading the way is this flock of Harpies which are descending to pluck you from the battlefield and toss you to your death!

Harpies Ap - Raging Heroes

Harpies // Raging Heroes

Very classic-looking Harpies in some fun poses! They would look great descending on the deck of a ship to tear apart a crew of hapless sailors. Maybe riddles are more your thing? If that's the case then you can call on the ferocious cunning of the Sphinx!

Sphinx - Raging Heroes

Sphinx // Raging Heroes

Another fantastic 3D sculpt which should look brilliant once you've got some paint down on it. I think it would be pretty fun to see people attempt painting this range in the traditional way but also in the style of these images. Imagine if you could get that marble effect looking spot on from the renders?

There will no doubt be more coming for this April so watch this space. For now, drink it all in and have a think about which Greek God you'd love to see at the head of a new tabletop army.

Are you a fan of sexy Hades!?

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