The Kurganova Troopers Take Shape From Raging Heroes

June 27, 2013 by brennon

Raging Heroes have entered the final ten days of their Kickstarter for The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy and it's all looking pretty excellent. In their latest update they took at look at the Kurganova Troopers fresh from the 3D printer...

Kurganovas 3D Print

Kurganovas Scale Comparison

Shes looking pretty amazing and while the stance is a little static she looks bad ass. It should be noted that this is still in the early stages of production and so nothing is final when it comes to what you're seeing above.

It's going to be fun seeing an entire army of these female troopers on the battlefield and while they don't have a system of their own maybe one will be on the horizon. Not to say you need rules for every set of miniatures out there of course.

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