The Kurganova Sisters Turn to Fantasy with Raging Heroes

October 18, 2012 by brennon

They all have names now, and are ready to take to a Sci-Fi battlefield near you, but the Kurganova Sisters are also looking to take over in the realm of Fantasy too. Check out these renders from Raging Heroes and let them know what you think...

Malinka Fantasy Version

Above are their ideas for Malinka. All of the sisters will be done in a similar Germanic Imperial style and here is where they need your help. Raging Heroes are looking to change these up depending on the fans so if you want to make your ideas heard go and write them on their blog post.

Personally I prefer the more piratical look to the sisters, taking them to the high seas for some skirmish gaming.

What do you think of a Fantasy version for each of the Kurganova Sisters?

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