Raging Heroes Bow to the Power of the Blood Mistress

July 27, 2012 by brennon

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You saw a preview of her but now the Blood Mistress has arrived from Raging Heroes to put you to the sword and invade your lands. Check her out below with a number of different weapon options...

Skaryaa the Blood Mistress

A fairly dominating woman warrior who wouldn't look out of place in a Chaos or Dark Elf army. I like the two sword option the most I think, swiftly followed by the pointing stance where she's picking out a target for her wrath.

Pegasus & Sorceress Rider

But that's not all from Raging Heroes. They also have this Pegasus and Sorceress in the works riding into battle as she casts mighty spells. I think a spot of paint on this model might make it a little less confusing perhaps?

The Sorceress will also be available as an on foot hero soon enough.

So which of the Blood Mistress poses is your favourite?

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