Raging Heroes Bring Sneaky Thieves To Patreon In June

May 27, 2020 by brennon

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Raging Heroes are looking ahead to June and update for their Patreon. They have left the skittering spiders behind and now they're looking to sneak around in the shadows with the Thieves Of The Shadowsand Guild.

-5ece1f4d2cdcc--5ece1f4d2cdd3Thieves Of The Shadowsand Guild - Raging Heroes.jpg

This rather big image (click to see it in full size) shows off a selection of wonderfully characterful thieves and vagabonds who are going to be rushing through sandy streets to steal archaic antiques. I love that each of the miniatures from this set also come with a flying carpet for them to zoom around on as well.

You can even bring things together with that utterly massive Zaahid The Djinn who can either take to the field by himself or as a full-on giant, surrounded by his companions. As well as the miniatures above, the June bundle will also feature some new textured bases which you can use to mount your characters.

-5ece1f52e05d7--5ece1f52e05d8Thieves Of The Shadowsand Guild Bases - Raging Heroes.jpg

Plus, you don't have to use these bases for the miniatures above. These would be rather fun to use across a range of different miniature collections, be they Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Historical. There are a few more details over on their announcement post HERE if you'd like to find out more.

What do you make of this new 3D printing endeavour for June?

"...a selection of wonderfully characterful thieves and vagabonds"

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