Raging Heroes Announce New Lust Elves Spider Mother

February 27, 2019 by cassn

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Lust Elves - beautiful sirens of unimaginable power and dangerous lusts, only the bravest would ever try and love them. However, for Raging Heroes latest Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy Lust Elf miniature, you would have to be suicidal.


Suddenly, vagina dentata seems insignificant. I doubt she gets asked out on many dates, but then again, I doubt many of her suitors get much of a choice.


I don't really know what to say about this model. There's another person in her...mouth?? Let's say mouth and save me some therapy.


@lancorz compared this miniature to a lantern fish and, strangely enough, it has helped me to be less horrified (although I'm still pretty horrified). I thought tentacles were bad!


Outside of abject fear and the clenching of my inner thighs, this miniature is incredibly detailed, but I don't know that I like the overall design. It feels a little cluttered, although I would imagine with the right paint scheme, this could be a beautiful, intricate....nope. Can't do it. This is nightmare fuel.


Honestly, I've had mixed feelings about The Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy series. The miniatures are good quality, incredibly detailed, and have an overall epic feel. However, a lot of the characters are underdressed and over-accentuated. And sometimes this is easily explained (these are, after all, Lust Elves).


However, at the end of the day, it depends on how you want your tabletop to look. This Spider Mother is certainly horrific, and I have no doubt she is one of the Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy (usurped only by the woman who waxes her).

I personally find her a bit too sexually implicit but that's my opinion, and others may feel differently. You can get Syl-Yarath, the Lust Elves Spider Mother now from Raging Heroes.

What is your opinion of the Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy Series? Let us know below!

"Suddenly, vagina dentata seems insignificant!"

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