Raging Heroes’ Queen Xarsiss Leads The Dark Elf Attack!

June 9, 2014 by brennon

Raging Heroes have posted up another concept art preview for their upcoming and much awaited Dark Elf Kickstarter. The focus this time turned to a flighty looking Succubus Queen called Xarsiss. See what you think of her...

Xarsiss - Succubus Queen

They've certainly gone down the harpy route with this one and I love the mix of bird, bat and human mixed together here. No idea exactly what the skulls are doing piled on her shoulders but the rest of the piece looks really good in my opinion.

Considering how much work they've put into getting their existing Kickstarter stuff ready this should be awesome to see in the 'flesh' so to speak. I imagine she will be leading a troop of harpy elves into battle and shredding the enemy easily.

What do you think?

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