Raging Heroes’ Svetlana Joins the Fight for Freedom

May 19, 2016 by dracs

Another of Raging Heroes' new Toughest Girls of the Galaxy range is ready to join the battle. This time we're joining the fight for freedom with the release of Svetlana.


Svetlana is also known as the Light of Freedom. She fights alongside the Kurganova Shock Troops, serving them as an infiltrator and occasional assassin. Freedom, it seems, comes at the end of her gun.

The model Raging Heroes have come up with for her emphasizes her battlefield role.

Her multiple guns and ammo belt means she is ready to face any situation when scouting into enemy territory, while the mine and grenade hanging from the side of her thick coat lets her engage in some acts of sabotage.

What do you think of Svetlana? Which of Raging Heroes' models do you like most?

"Freedom, it seems, comes at the end of her gun..."

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