Raging Heroes’ Tough Girls Continue To Rake In Pledges

July 2, 2013 by brennon

The Raging Heroes Kickstarter has five days to go and the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy are growing in number. Check out a whole host of extra concept work below for upcoming figures...

Iron Empire Snipers

The Lulu's

First up we have a look at those amazing Iron Empire Snipers. These creepy women are undead, shadow hugging snipers that use rifles that can put a hole in both your body and your soul.

On the cuter side of things we have The Lulu's. This bunch of girls are fans of One-Shot Blondie and so look to emulate her at every turn. While they might be pint size they are still carrying big sniper rifles so beware!

Cyber Zombie Bodyguard

Tania Tanker

Back in the world of adults the creepy Cyber Zombie is carrying some pretty heavy duty kit and so is the awesome looking Tania Tanker. She looks to have drawn a lot of influence from Rosie the Riveter, a popular poster used during World War II. She looks like she's going to be firing missiles rather than just making them though.

It's looking like a very bright future for Raging Heroes and I imagine we'll be seeing a whole load of female-only armies on the tabletop after this.

The Kickstarter also has a lot of interesting new options for pledges and some free additions across the board.

Which is your favourite from above?

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