Raging Heroes Unleash Holy Justice With Latest Army

May 2, 2019 by cassn

The guys over at Raging Heroes have unleashed their all-female army of righteous redeemers onto the tabletop, and they're ready to deliver holy hell to their enemies!


The Crimson Redeemers are packing some incredibly cool weaponry, and enough skulls to host Día de Muertos all year long!


The posing on these figures incredibly dynamic - these lord-loving ladies are a terrifying sight for anyone opposed to them on the battlefield.


The Troop and Command groups both feature five unique Crusader Sisters. My personal favourite is Semariel Iron Hand, who I imagine is blindly firing into the air while looking you directly in the eye. That's a serious power move.


These godly gals will never be perfect for pedants like myself (boob-armor anyone?) but I've seen a lot of the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy and these are easily my favourite.


Each saintly sister is finely crafted in resin, supplied with a 25mm round base and scaled in 30mm Heroic to fit in with most wargames.


Raging Heroes currently have a special new release price for the whole army, so head over and check out these Crusading chicks now!

Which is your favourite Raging Heroes army? Tell us below!

"Enough skulls to host Día de Muertos all year long!"

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